In August 2001, Carlin N’watts formed November 8 Recordings and secured his first artist- delvin. With prolific producers and engineers on board, Carlin crafted a new genre for delvin called “Pop Soul”. During the production of delvin’s debut EP, November 8 Recordings enlisted the services of various industry producers- Jonah Brockman, Harry Evans, Sarah Griffin, Carlin N’watts, and delvin, as well as various writers. Carlin was recognized as a power producer, arranger and CEO who had an ear for distinguishing great talent and developing big hits. This recognition was solidified as the reviews from overseas music industry insiders came rolling in. delvin’s EP received rave reviews from international lifestyle magazines such as Tendance magazine from Monte Carlo, France, the U.K’s OK! magazine and Hello magazine.

November 8 Recordings added a diverse stable of in-house producers to help realize the dreams of its artists and future artists alike. These producers included Jonah Brockman of Door in the Sky Productions providing the pop/rock vibe and Grammy-nominated producer Thomas ‘TJ’ Nokes of J-Scorpio Productions providing the ultra-magnetic, energetic vibe.

Carlin broke down barriers in music and expanded November 8 Recordings in April of 2003 when the label signed its first Pop/Rock artist- Jonah Brockman. Previously utilized as a producer, November 8 Recordings realized Jonah’s potential and independently released his debut album “Merciless Morning” in March 2005. To date, over 8,000 copies have been sold.

As its founder’s talents in the music industry have become unanimously acknowledged, so has November Entertainment Group’s ability to cultivate and produce much more than music alone.  What started out as a simple vision from Carlin N’watts own home has expanded into a multi-faceted company whose potential is only beginning to unfold.

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