John ‘Jae’ Howell III
Producer/Engineer /A&R

Born in Philadelphia, PA, John S. Howell III (Jae`) always had a love for music and began performing and entertaining at the very young age of 5 for family members at family reunions and gatherings. By the age of 10 he was ready to move on to bigger things, his mother seeing his hunger for music and entertainment enrolled him In "Freedom Theatre" a premier school of performing arts in North Philadelphia, he also began performing at neighborhood talent shows and winning.

Jae moved to upstate NY where he started his first group and taught himself to play the piano all while honing his writing skills and performing at school showcases.

In 1996, Jae dove into the music scene in a major way winning several showcases and later joined a boy band where they would have some success by signing with Crystal Waters and Black Baby Records, and with Toni Braxton's mother Mrs. Evelyn Braxton. They sang for International Superstars Boys II Men thus leading to their selection as the opening act for Boys II Men on their national tour.

In 2004, Jae and the group met up with 118 Management/November Entertainment Group CEO Carlin N’Watts. Mr. N’Watts aptly named the group “Dae’One” where under his tutelage; they created a serious buzz in the streets of Washington, DC, the city of New York, and in London, UK while promoting their self-titled debut album- “Dae’1”. Despite the gaining momentum, the group dis-banded in January 2005 due to creative differences. “I felt constricted and tied down and was not able to express myself musically,” Jae says of his decision to leave the group. After a 6-month period of soul searching, Jae moved into the next phase of his career…becoming a well-rounded and accomplished music producer.

He built his own recording studio shortly after and learned the art of recording, engineering and producing. Ever since, Jae has consistently honed his engineering, writing, arranging, and production skills which in turn has given him the opportunity to work on many projects for many known artist from J-Holiday to the Pussy Cat Dolls.



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